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"Happiness through chance" Raku is my true passion. I just love the drama of the firing and the mystery surrounding the use of flame and smoke to decorate my work. It seems so organic and unpredictable and I love the challenge of trying to harness the reactions to create stunning art.

I hope you enjoy browsing the work below. You can also download my latest portfolio here PORTFOLIO

After making the piece and the work the has been ‘Bisque Fired’  the work is masked/waxed or latex resisted, if required. Coats of glaze are then applied by dipping, pouring or brushing. The next process is to fire in one of my Raku kilns to a temperature of around 900-1000 degrees C. Once the glazes have melted and take on the look of a hot toffee-apple, the work is removed from the kiln and the fantastic effects are achieved by the reduction technique. left to cool and than buried in the sawdust of for a high lustre plased in swadust and burried straigt away.

Raku – Eddie Kent Ceramics

Raku Ceramics by Eddie Kent

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