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Giraffe - Turquoise (small)

Slab constructed animal form
Available in other sizes and colour, please email for details

FIRING PROCESS: After making the piece and the work the has been 'Bisque Fired' the work is masked/waxed or latex resisted, if required. Coats of glaze are then applied by dipping, pouring or brushing. The next process is to fire in one of my Raku kilns to a temperature of around 900-1000 degrees C. Once the glazes have melted and take on the look of a hot toffee-apple, the work is removed from the kiln and the fantastic effects are achieved by the reduction technique. left to cool and than buried in the sawdust of for a high lustre placed in sawdust and buried straight away.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the raku firing technique each production piece is unique, image used is a likeness only.


  • REF: 326
  • Size: 300(h) x 150(w) x 80(d)
Price: £45.00
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Giraffe - Turquoise (small)

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